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Access control can add an additional layer of security to any site, allowing for controlled entry of employees, visitors, and venders. Protection of sites and resources can become easier with a system designed to fit the need of the site and customer.

Access control has many features than can be adapted to the needs of a site.

B&R offers a variety of access control products to meet the specific needs of any customer, our offerings can cover sites that require only a few doors in a single building, To sites that have many doors across many buildings all Connected to users at their fingertips with easy to use interfaces. Access options can range from onsite connection and configuration to remotely accessible from phones or laptops anywhere there is a network connection.

Access control can be much more than simply unlocking a door to a building or room. Sites can track users that enter and exit buildings, track the number of people who are still inside of a building or space. Granting and restricting access to Buildings or doors to specified users or groups of users during specified periods of time can be advantageous to the security of any site. Making entry to a building or door more secure by allowing only the individuals that have permission access. Access systems can be integrated with security systems both new and existing systems in a variety of ways.

Active door monitoring is another big advantage to an access control system, being able to see in real time if doors are open or closed, locked or unlocked. Alongside how long the door has been open, specified events such as doors held open for too long or forced open without proper access can be set to send emails or messages to authorized individuals for instant notification of an event so action can be taken or documented. Features like this can help better secure sites giving an additional layer of security that can be viewed in real time any time.

B&R offers Systems capable of using cards, key fobs, and Bluetooth capability on electronic devices for door operations. Combined with the ability to manage systems from a phone or computer, access control can be an easy and effective way of securing and managing sites.

Contact B&R with any questions regarding access control, allow the opportunity to answer any question and design a system that will handle your needs.